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Davis Atkin, first overtly homosexual participant in Australian hockey, embraces stress of highlight

Worldwide sport on the highest degree is brutal and unforgiving. Additionally it is ruled by strict guidelines, written and assumed, of gender id and sexual orientation that forces a sure machoism among the many males – extra so in workforce sports activities, which continues to be thought-about a ‘brotherhood’. And for all of the claims by sports activities administrations the world over, homosexuality stays a forbidden topic.

In a rustic as sports-oriented as Australia, the stress to evolve is probably as massive as to carry out. Which makes Davis Atkin not simply particular but in addition brave and a trailblazer — the primary overtly homosexual man in Australian hockey on the highest degree and solely the second within the sport to come back out.

But, the 22-year previous debutant within the ongoing FIH Professional League in Rourkela doesn’t see himself as a lot of a trailblazer as a figurehead for the LGBTQ+ group, particularly in hockey. “I think trailblazer is a hard word to give myself, because it is a really big title and a lot of responsibility. Initially, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do it. But, I think you are right in that it is something I want to do, something I want to identify as. Because, I am one of the first, if not the first, at least in Australia and men’s hockey in general around the world.

“Women’s sports is a lot better at the moment but for men, having someone like me as a figurehead is a really good opportunity for other people to feel comfortable to come out in the hockey environment,” Atkin tells Sportstar.

His willingness to speak concerning the difficulty, and himself, is without doubt one of the first stuff you discover concerning the teenager. For somebody who was outed by accident final 12 months and went by a interval of intense introspection and never a bit trauma, Atkin is remarkably calm in acknowledging a subject many squirm simply to debate even in third particular person.

“I think, yes, it was hard initially. I mean, I was pretty okay with myself, but high performance sport and elite athlete environment are completely different to the public eye. So, yeah, it was pretty hard for me to come to terms with how it’s going to pan out. But I think it’s turned into a really good thing. I have been able to shed good light on the community and play the sort of role that people could look up to,” he says.

Out of the Fields, A 2015 research by Erik Denison and Alistair Kitchen, and the primary worldwide one on homophobia in sport that included analysis individuals from six westernized international locations — Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Eire and New Zealand — along with an ‘other’ class capturing a number of different international locations, says this: In keeping with individuals, 80% witnessed or skilled homophobia in sport in Australia, with 85% of homosexual males and 84% of lesbians personally focused listening to verbal slurs similar to ‘dyke’ or ‘faggot’. Youth sport is an space of vulnerability, with 70% of homosexual individuals stating that workforce sport isn’t secure for homosexual individuals, together with appreciable concern of discrimination from gamers and officers. 

Hockey, by its very nature — quick, aggressive, bodily and with a stick in hand – isn’t for the weak, extra so for Australia, a workforce with the fame of being one of the bodily on the worldwide degree. Did Atkin ever take into consideration his future within the sport as soon as the information received out?

“Yeah, I think that was definitely part of it, so, I took time off when it happened to think about it all. It definitely did come into my mind but it went away quickly as well because I had a really good support network around my athlete environment. Yes, it’s a very masculine sport and there’s a lot of masculine sport in Australia. I am okay with hockey in that it’s not like rugby or Australian Football football, where it probably might be stigmatised differently —but it’s still a very physical sport,” Atkin stated with a smile.

Within the 4 video games in Rourkela, Atkin was on the sector usually and carried out admirably. He’s proud of the expertise. The choice to be part of the travelling workforce, although, was not straightforward. Whereas homosexuality was decriminalised solely lately right here, India continues to be among the many international locations that, socially, proceed to stigmatise the identical with little social acceptance.

Atkin throughout Australia’s match in opposition to Germany within the FIH Professional League on the Birsa Munda Stadium Rourkela.
| Photograph Credit score: Particular Association

“As a player, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you are not going to get anywhere else in the world, so, I think, debuting in Rourkela and trying to soak in the culture and the whole atmosphere has been great. But initially, I think, yes, there was some hesitation coming over. We thought about it a lot, my family and I, and Hockey Australia had their inputs as well.

“I think because we are in a tight group and not going out much, it’s okay but it was a concern. I had questions and they needed to be answered. But it’s been a positive experience so far, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience anything bad,” he stated.

However there isn’t any denying that public response elsewhere stays on his thoughts. “I haven’t faced anything elsewhere because I have not had any opportunity yet. It’s my first time overseas. But it is something I have considered. If I want to pursue this, there are countries that are still criminalising homosexuality, so it is something that stays in my mind. Hockey as a whole tries to keep it separate but at the same time identifying that people like myself are there,” he accepted.

Girls’s hockey, in that sense, has been far forward. With well-known names like Alyson Annan, Kate Richardson-Walsh, Helen Richardson-Walsh, Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen, homosexuality has discovered acceptance within the sport. It’s a totally different ball sport for Atkin, although.

“I am not sure if you have read the comments, but people are still unaware of what’s the big deal and have homophobic thoughts. There’s still a long way to go and it was part of my initial hesitation. But I am happy with how it’s going so far,” Atkin stated.

It wasn’t nice initially, although, and a part of his self-doubts early on was the response – or lack of it – from Hockey Australia. There’s a calm confidence when Atkin appears to be like straight at you and talks about how issues must be quite a bit higher for inclusivity.

“It was not the greatest when I initially came out, because I really didn’t get a response. And I have made that clear to them and they know now. However, they have picked up and other people, not just in Hockey Australia but the Australian sporting community and the commission, are doing great things in regards to inclusivity. But there are still things HA needs to do and I have made that clear,” he said merely.

The one different hockey worldwide to confess being homosexual was Peter Caruth, the previous Eire worldwide, final 12 months however that was after his enjoying days have been over. In Australia, former Victoria goalkeeper Gus Johnston has come out however that’s nearly it. That Atkin has carried out so proper at first of his profession is essential. He is aware of what he has carried out is quite a bit greater than himself.

“There is a kind of pressure but I feel pretty comfortable in the role already. I have had a lot of help through the sporting community, media etc, but it is a pressure on myself. I feel like I have the responsibility to help the community. I think it will all work out well and I will do well in the long run,” he signed off. 

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