Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Hockey World Cup: Tackling noise the Kookaburras’ means

The Australian group will use its earlier expertise of enjoying in India to beat the noise of packed homes in Rourkela and Bhubaneswar throughout the Hockey World Cup.

Whilst Kookaburras’ coach Colin Batch mentioned it was tough to speak with the gamers from the sidelines as a result of excessive noise degree, co-captain Aran Zalewski mentioned being conscious on the pitch would assist in tackling the noise and speaking properly.

“Previously, we simulated the loud noise by putting the speakers on and trying to make it as distracting as possible. We have not done that preparation, but a lot of our players who have played in India before know what to expect. For us, it’s just being aware that the crowd is very loud here, embrace them and do whatever (it takes) to mitigate the noise by looking around, looking over your shoulder and the surroundings. We cannot control the crowd noise, all we can control is our actions,” Zalewski mentioned.

Zalewski expressed his group’s love for the Indian spectators. “The boys enjoy it here in India. Probably the most colourful crowd we see in the world, the most entertaining crowd. Looking forward to playing before them.

“It’s a great city. We always get a warm welcome. I had my first visit to Bhubaneswar in 2013 for the Hockey India League. And the quality of the facilities were amazing – the ground, the pitch, the change room, the recovery, we spent some time in the pool in the afternoons,” he mentioned.

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